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On home (mine)

I realise I’ve been giving myself (and this blog) over to a lot of rants recently.  Sorry about that.  Sometimes you just need to, you know, vent.

But today I’m going to remedy that.  See, yesterday when I got home I saw to my great delight that my neighbour had returned.  His name is Elmo.

Actually, I’m not sure if he’s name is really Elmo, or even if he’s really a he.  But the wife and I named him Elmo because we like Elmo from Sesame Street (who doesn’t?), we have a friend named Elmo and it’s fun to say Elmo the emu.  Oh, yeah!  Elmo’s an emu.  Meet Elmo.

My name is Elmo and I’m an emu.
Hello Elmo

Emu’s are large, flightless birds indigenous to Australia.  They are the largest birds in Australia and second-largest in the world after the ostrich.  Emus are farmed in Australia, the US, Peru and China for their meat, leather and oil made from their fat.  I’ve never eaten emu.  I have eaten ostrich (note:  not “an ostrich” – that would be impossible).

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