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On thinking before you share

In 2008 Nicholas Carr wrote an article in The Atlantic, titled Is Google Making Us Stupid. Very shortly, he argued that the way we engage with content online is ultimately having a detrimental effect on our ability to engage with longer, printed texts. Because we can open an article and search instantly for the exact piece of the text we need, we are slowly losing the ability to search for relevant information in textbooks and printed articles. (Hey! Perhaps that’s why my studies are such an uphill battle for me. It’s all Google’s fault.)

Carr’s article sparked numerous responses and studies into this topic, and we’ve yet to see whether he was right or not, but I believe that there’s another part of the internet that’s making us dumber. Or rather, lazier (though some might argue that’s the same thing).

I’m speaking of social media, and in particular, the sharing culture.

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On Spotting a Lie

The saying goes the truth is often stranger than fiction (have you seen the movie, by the way?) and that becomes immediately apparent when we start to think of the more unusual events that have transpired in our lives.

Stranger Than Fiction - Harold CloudsI came across this excellent post idea today on John Howell’s blog, Fiction Favourites, and he in turn stole borrowed it from Aussa Lorens on Hacker.  Ninja.  Hooker.  Spy. (Brilliant blog name, don’t you think?)

Here’s how it works:  I’m going to tell you six things about me, but one of them is not true.  See if you can guess which one.  I’ll reveal the truth next week.

Pinocchio (Photo credit: The Wolf)

And if you decide to also steal use the idea, be sure to leave me a link in the comments so I can read your as well.

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Some more Dan Brown…the last time…I promise

I don’t hate Dan Brown.  I honestly don’t.  I own four of his books, after all (okay, five, but I got the last one for free, so it doesn’t count).  I have contributed, at least in part, to his current wealth.  I didn’t like Inferno, I’ve said so, and I was happy to let the matter lie, even after I coincidentally discovered a factual error.

But yesterday I typed “Dan Brown Inferno” into Quora.com, to see if people were discussing the novel, just out of curiosity, you know?  There I came across one question which exposed a plot hole…make that the plot hole, a plot hole so big that I didn’t even spot it because the entire novel was inside it.

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