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A Ghost Story

As you will see from the widget on the homepage I’ve made a fair amount of progress on my novel since my previous post two days ago, but I’m still behind and today has been a waste.  I’ve only managed five hundred words and I’m almost certain they’re not going to survive long enough to make the second draft.  At least my stats page now predicts my novel (or the first 50k) will still be completed this year, which gives me hope, kind off.

Sadly, I’ll also be missing tomorrow’s Writing Marathon as I’m again attending a workshop, this time in counselling traumatised children.  Maybe I’ll grab a six pack of Red Bull on the way home and join the marathon in the virtual sphere as it starts in the US.  I’ll see.

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog as well, not delivering the stellar content that you, my dear readers, have grown used to.  Deal with it.  I’m writing a novel here.  However, I will give you a little something to make up for it: an extract from my brand new novel.  Keep in mind, it’s only a first draft, so it still needs a lot of work.  You can also read a brief synopsis of the novel if you visit my NaNo author page.  Then come back here and tell me what you think of the story.

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