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On National Passtimes – The Braai

On National Passtimes – The Braai

Yep, you’re not mistaken.  You’re actually getting two posts from me in one day.  Aren’t you lucky?

But that’s symbolic of this day, you see.  For not only is South Africa today celebrating Heritage Day, but also National Braai Day.

Braai is the Afrikaans word for barbecue.  The word is derived from the Dutch braden, meaning “to roast”.  In South Africa the word has been adopted into English, also appearing in the South African version of the Oxford English Dictionary.

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On South Africa – land of many tongues

On South Africa – land of many tongues

Goeiemôre, good morning, dumela, molo, sawubona, salibonani, ndi matseloni, avuxeni, ǃGãi tses, goedendag, bonjour, bom dia, guten Tag, hari yang baik, subaha acchā, subha-ba-khair, marHaban, shalom, Zǎo ān and nzuri asubuhi.

No, I’m not swearing at you.  Today we celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa.  Our country is incredibly diverse in terms of cultures, histories, religions, languages and natural heritage.  The purpose of today is to remember and celebrate who we are and where we come from.

South African flag heritage day

One of the most obvious signs of diversity in our country is in the languages we speak.  To start with, we have eleven official languages protected by our constitution.  Several of those eleven languages have various dialects and there are a couple of pidgin languages as well, combining several official languages into one.  And I don’t even know how many other languages are spoken here, either by descendants of the original European settlers or more recent migrants.

So be greeted today in just a few of the many tongues spoken in South Africa. To learn a bit more of each of the languages used above, click here