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Car Troubles – Chapter 2

I hate mechanics.  Okay, that’s not fair.  I don’t hate all mechanics, just like I don’t hate all lawyers and all journalists (though I’m pretty sure I still hate all politicians).  But I absolutely despise those mechanics who install sub-standard parts and who tell you they’d checked something when, in fact, they hadn’t.  (Of course there are also the ones who charge you for unnecessary work, by I haven’t had the pleasure of a run-in with one of those yet.)

Click on the picture. You won’t be sorry.

I take good care of our vehicles.  I never skip a service and if something major breaks I replace it immediately, even if it means that month’s budget has to be adjusted.  I replace tyres before they reach the point where I’d get a warning if pulled over and make sure the shocks are in good condition.  I regularly check oil, water, brake fluid and tyre pressure and after our last episode I place the bakkie‘s battery on a charger once a week if I’m not driving it much. Continue reading “Car Troubles – Chapter 2”