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Here we go again

I’ve lately begun to realise New Year’s is somewhat silly. Just because the Earth passed some arbitrary point relative to the sun everyone feels the need to reflect on the days that have passed since last time we were here, party through the night (which, let’s face it, hasn’t made sense since your early twenties), and then make a bunch of promises we don’t intend to keep on how the next circuit around old Sol is going to be different than the last one.

But hey, who am I to snub my nose at tradition?

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So long, 2013

And once more we stand at the point where one looks back over the past year to reminisce, evaluate, mourn and celebrate the achievements and failures of the past twelve months.

I’m glad to say 2013 was a better year for me than 2012.  Much of what I’d set out to achieve I never reached.  My studies never really took off, and my first novel ground to a halt before it had even properly started.  My plans for starting a non-profit have been shelved, at least for the present, due to a complete lack of support (everyone with whom I shared the idea was very interested, until I asked for their help).  I didn’t get a job I was really hoping I’d get, and I fear I am slowly becoming a hermit, the majority of my human interaction these days taking place via a keyboard.

But I’m calmer.  My last two years at the school I was angry all the time.  I’m not anymore.  In fact, the difference is so marked that, when my former employer asked me a few weeks ago if I wouldn’t please consider coming back, the wife said no.  She doesn’t want me to go back to being stressed out and angry all the time.  When I said I’m stressed out anyway about not having an income she told me to stop being silly.  Can’t argue with that, can you?

My studies may not have made much progress, but I’d done several shorter courses in the field which have made me realise I want to specialise in the field of trauma counselling.  Maybe now that I actually know about what I want to do my Master’s I might make some more progress with it.

And while the first novel tanked, I started afresh with NaNoWriMo and am almost done with my first draft.  I got no writing done in December, but I will finish it, no matter how bad I think it is at this moment.

Plans for 2014?  Finish Gift of the Dryads and see if it’s worth making publishable, along with writing the first draft of another novel, perhaps two.  Finally finish the theoretical modules of my degree, submit my research proposal and get started on my thesis.  And start a trauma counselling practice while I become a fully-accredited practitioner in Traumatic Incident Reduction.  (Oh, and become fit enough to run a half-marathon while losing 15kg.  I’m not necessarily planning to run a half-marathon…I’d just like to be able to should the urge strike me.)

These are not resolutions, nor are they intentions – I don’t do those anymore (except for one, which I’ll reveal next week).  These are goals.  I would welcome it if they turned into obsessions so powerful that my very sanity depends on them being achieved.

Not much else left to say save so long, 2013.  Thanks for giving me some time to figure things out and regain my strength for what is to come.  It’s been fun.

On a year of blogging

Given that tomorrow’s the end of 2013 I’m not going to do a Song Title Challenge today.  Anyway, last week’s story was number 30, which is a nice round number on which to end.  You don’t agree?  Tough.  My blog, my rules, as I’m sure I’ve said before 😉

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