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On walking

On walking

The simplest things in life are free, goes the saying.  I don’t whether this is also a saying, but the greatest joy and the greatest beauty can also be found in the simplest things.

Good food, good music, a glass of wine, stimulating conversation.  Silence.  A sunset, a sunrise, a thunderstorm, a mountain, a forest, the desolation of a desert, a full moon, a starry sky.  Walking.

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On how dumb we all were in the eighties

The wife and I have been revisiting our youth lately – we have been watching MacGyver.  Remember him?

macgyver-logoFor all my readers who were only born in the nineties (you poor dears), MacGyver was the epitome of cool a decade earlier.  If things seemed impossible,  if it was a situation that not James Bond, G.I. Joe or Chuck Norris could handle, they would send in MacGyver.  Be it an AI-controlled security system gone crazy, Amazonian army ants, a rebel army or a kid stuck down a well, MacGyver could solve the problem.  And he did this without radio-controlled invisible heat-seeking-missile-firing cars, cell phones or Facebook.  MacGyver needed only his trusted Swiss Army-knife (in those days you were still allowed to take them on planes) and whatever else happened to be lying around at the moment.  (And he had a mullet.  Just like Chuck Norris and Billy Ray Cyrus.  It was cool back then.  Like Chuck Norris and Billy Ray Cyrus.  Thank goodness some things change.)

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