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On Beliebing

No.  I’m not a Belieber.  Most definitely not.  The first time I saw a video of his on television a few years ago I wanted to throw something at the TV.  It was a case of instant, primal dislike as I have only felt a few times in my life.  I didn’t even know who he was then.  I’m only writing this because he’s performing in SA tonight and I read something about the performance on a news site this morning on which I felt the need to comment.

So, what can be so hair-raising that it would make me give free publicity to the Bieber? Continue reading “On Beliebing”

On Congratulations

Yesterday evening at 8:30 South African time I became an uncle for the second time.  No, please don’t offer any congratulations.  That’s the whole point of this post.  This morning I made the obligatory calls to my father and stepmother (their first grandchild) and to my step-sister and brother-in-law to offer my congratulations.  Then my wife asked a very intriguing question:  For what am I congratulating them?  What did they achieve? Continue reading “On Congratulations”

On Respect

If there’s one thing that I consider non-negotiable in life, it’s respect.  Working with young people on a daily basis I feel it especially important to teach them how to show respect.  I also find it heartbreaking that society apparently no longer sees respect as a necessary value. We no longer respect our governments, laws, traffic regulations, parents, children, authority figures, people who serve, each other. Continue reading “On Respect”