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On my phones over the years – The Antiques

Writing about the demise of the Blackberry got me all nostalgic about the various phones I’ve had over the years.  Let me share them with you.


My first cellular phone was a Nokia Brick.  Okay, so its official model was the 2110 (though I instantly got a photo of one when I typed “Nokia Brick” into Google).  I also had the extended battery which, as you can see, very nearly doubles its thickness (and which, at four days, lasted twice as long as the original battery (and four times as long as my current smartphone’s…go figure)).  It not only had an external antenna, but you had to extend it to get decent signal most of the time. Click here to find out what else The Brick was capable of

On the demise of the Blackberry

My inbox this morning delivered the news that Blackberry is selling itself as (as The New Yorker puts it) scrap to the highest bidder.  With a share price that has fallen to $10 and the company making a nett loss one can understand such a move.

I’ve never owned a Blackberry (though I had a Nokia E63 which is similar in design).  In fact, the first time I really heard of Blackberry was when I read Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol – one of the characters was permanently attached to one (much like President Obama).  Shortly thereafter Blackberry became one of the most popular phones in South Africa (Coincidence?  I wonder.) with many of my friends, relatives and colleagues making the switch. Continue reading “On the demise of the Blackberry”