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KokkieH Reviews Kinky Boots

We don’t watch television that much.  We don’t have satellite  (it’s just not worth the cost and we don’t have cable in SA) and the public broadcaster in South Africa is not worth watching most of the time (unless you really like soapies, infomercials local rip-offs of various reality shows and unscripted teen chat shows).  We pay our TV licence like good law-abiding citizens, but we don’t really get our money’s worth.  But sometimes the SABC surprises us with a worthwhile offering.

Kinky Boots movie poster
Source: IMDb

Last Friday was such an occasion.  The DVD we were watching was finished and I flicked through the three channels to see if maybe anything was on.  That’s how I came across Kinky Boots. Continue reading “KokkieH Reviews Kinky Boots