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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (or how I became a Bitcoin user

Ever since I’ve started working in customer support I’ve been taking much more notice of the type of support I receive from businesses (and of how I interact with support staff, but that’s a story of another day). Recently I had three very different support experiences over two consecutive days, and I thought I’d share them with you.

Let’s start with…

The Ugly

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On Missing the Point

The other day I read this post by Matthew Wright which made me think of an experience I had with the post office a few years ago.

I was expecting a package.  It was an overnight counter-to-counter courier package.  They’re supposed to be available by eleven o’clock, so I showed up at the post office just after eleven.  The queue was quite long as the South African post office is also one of the largest banks in the country (in terms of client numbers – they don’t offer any credit facilities and all transactions are over the counter, so it’s the bank of choice for most low-income earners) and, as with any post office in the world, only two of the twelve cashier windows were staffed.

After 45 minutes of shuffling forward a bit at a time, in the process memorising all the notices and posters on the walls (this was before I had Twitter), I finally reach the counter only to be told that I cannot get my package. Continue reading “On Missing the Point”