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KokkieH Reviews <em>The Stone Rose</em> by Jacqueline Rayner – Audiobook narrated by David Tennant

KokkieH Reviews The Stone Rose by Jacqueline Rayner – Audiobook narrated by David Tennant

To round off Official Doctor Who week, before we face off against the Daleks (won’t they ever be exterminated?) with the new Doctor tonight, I bring you a review. The wife and I have lately taken to listening audio books while on the road, which is more fun than I would have thought. Apparently listening to books can be almost as good as reading them.

Of course, with the new Doctor being only a week old there are no novels out yet featuring him, so I’ll be looking at The Stone Rose the first novel featuring the Tenth (and also Eleventh and possibly Twelfth (I see this is going to get confusing…let’s stick with Tenth)) Doctor, written by Jacqueline Rayner and narrated by the Doctor himself, David Tennant.

Cover of "The Stone Rose (Doctor Who)"
Cover designed by Henry Steadman
Publisher BBC Books
Source: amazon.com

The Stone Rose begins with Mickey showing Rose and the Doctor a two-thousand year old statue in a museum of a Roman goddess that looks exactly like Rose. Naturally Rose and the Doctor hop into the TARDIS (this was before Mickey started travelling with them) and set off for Ancient Rome where the Doctor gets caught up in the search for a missing boy and Rose gets an early start on her modelling career, but gets a bit more than she bargained for.

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Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor

Finally, after eight excruciating months of waiting, the time has finally come. In a few minutes the world will meet the twelfth (thirteenth? (fourteenth??)) Doctor, this time played by Peter Capaldi.

Doctor Who Anniversary
Still from The Day of the Doctor

It’s amazing how the Doctor managed to infiltrate our lives since the show was revived almost a decade ago. He is fast becoming an almost mythical character. Possibly it’s the novelty of a character that constantly changes his face while remaining the same person, the paragon of re-invention. Perhaps it’s the way Doctor Who exploits that most remarkable ability of Science Fiction to use the fantastical to show us our everyday selves in a new light. Maybe it’s just that it’s so incredibly fun, taking geekdom mainstream like Star Trek and Middle Earth has never been able to do.

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On The Doctor (a.k.a. me)

On The Doctor (a.k.a. me)

As I told you last week, I’m the Doctor.  Now it turns out that I’m the tenth Doctor, specifically.  How do I know?  I took this quiz and it told me.

I’m quite pleased with the result, as I really like David Tennant’s rendition of the Doctor (and he’s the wife’s favourite Doctor), and I really don’t know any of the Doctors 1 through 7, so I’m glad it’s not one of them (I saw too little of Eight to really get to know him – a common complaint among many fans).

Then I read this analysis of Ten.  First I was like, uhm, okay, but then I realised it’s actually  rather spot-on in certain regards.

Why don’t you also go do the quiz?  Then come back and let me know in the comments which Doctor you are.

P.S.  Damn!  I just realise I had bought the wrong sonic.  I wonder what Eleven’s profile says…

P.P.S.  Enjoy tomorrow’s Anniversary Special.  It’s going to be legen…wait for it…dary!

P.P.P.S.  Just to be fair, here’s Nine’s profile as well.  He was my first Doctor, after all.