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On The Doctor (a.k.a. me)

On The Doctor (a.k.a. me)

As I told you last week, I’m the Doctor.  Now it turns out that I’m the tenth Doctor, specifically.  How do I know?  I took this quiz and it told me.

I’m quite pleased with the result, as I really like David Tennant’s rendition of the Doctor (and he’s the wife’s favourite Doctor), and I really don’t know any of the Doctors 1 through 7, so I’m glad it’s not one of them (I saw too little of Eight to really get to know him – a common complaint among many fans).

Then I read this analysis of Ten.  First I was like, uhm, okay, but then I realised it’s actually  rather spot-on in certain regards.

Why don’t you also go do the quiz?  Then come back and let me know in the comments which Doctor you are.

P.S.  Damn!  I just realise I had bought the wrong sonic.  I wonder what Eleven’s profile says…

P.P.S.  Enjoy tomorrow’s Anniversary Special.  It’s going to be legen…wait for it…dary!

P.P.P.S.  Just to be fair, here’s Nine’s profile as well.  He was my first Doctor, after all.

There’s something I need to tell you

There’s something I need to tell you

Friends, readers, random spambots crawling this blog, there’s something I need to tell you.

First, I’m a bit disappointed in you all.  Here I say I have a very important announcement coming up and out of all 164 followers (of which, admittedly, more than a few don’t really exist) only Bumblepuppies cared to take a guess.  Well, I can assure you my wife isn’t pregnant, and neither am I (though that would have been something, wouldn’t it?), but thanks for playing along.

My announcement is bigger than this.  Actually, I’m not sure I should reveal this.  The implications could potentially reverberate across all of space and time.  Oh, well.  Let me just tell you and what will be, will be.  Here goes.

I’m the Doctor. Don’t believe me? Read on