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Make it a good one

This week it is my turn to post on The Book Notes Project.  I have also posted it here for your convenience (and I’m too lazy for two posts in one day).

“We’re all stories, in the end.”

The Doctor says this to a sleeping young Amelia Pond in the Doctor Who episode, The Big Bang.  He is on the wrong side of a crack in time that’s rapidly closing and his story is about to end.  He’s sharing it with one last person in the hope that he would be remembered.

I don’t know whether Steven Moffat intended it this way when he wrote it, but this line gives us a way to look at our lives – as stories. Continue reading “Make it a good one”

A New Chapter

Yesterday I joined the ranks of the voluntarily unemployed.  Who’s that, I hear you ask.  Those are the people who have quit their jobs for the sake of chasing their dreams.  They are the people who grew tired of slaving away every day for a pay cheque, slowly losing touch with themselves and everything they love along the way.  They are people who want to try something new, who want to feel alive again, who want to make a contribution, who want to bring change.  I am now one of them. Continue reading “A New Chapter”

On Taking the Plunge

The thing is, I have reached a point where I don’t really care whether I sink or not.  I’m at a place where even drowning seems better that staying in the boat.  I’ve been sitting in the boat for so long, doing the right thing, being careful and responsible, rocking it now and again, but backing off the moment someone starts complaining or it seems like we’re about to capsize.  Maybe it’s time to just get out.  If I sink, then I sink.  If I don’t, well, the possibilities are endless, aren’t they?

Don’t you just sometimes feel like risking it all on an off chance?  I think the reason why there are so few truly great people out there is because so few people are willing to risk it on an idea, on a dream. Continue reading “On Taking the Plunge”