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On speaking English only in self-defence

No, I haven’t gone missing.  I’m holding a camp for the school’s student leaders this weekend, so I’ve been too busy with preparations to think of any nonsense to write down here.

But I don’t want to neglect you wonderful readers, so I thought I’d share something with you I wrote a while ago.  At one point last year I discovered Quora.com.  In case you’ve never heard about it before, it’s a website where people can ask questions and other people can answer them.  It’s also a quite nice community, though I don’t follow specific people over there, nor do I care whether they follow me.  It’s just very interesting, and at times highly entertaining, to read people’s answers to the questions.

I also try answering questions from time to time, and I want to share one of my answers with you.  The question was:  “What does it mean when an Afrikaaner (sic) says, “I speak English only for self-defense?” Continue reading “On speaking English only in self-defence”