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Tweety tawt he taw a puddytat…

…but in fact it was a big-ass pickup truck with an even bigger ass inside of it who thought he could still make it through the traffic circle before the oncoming traffic. What makes him an ass is the fact that he did not include the car in front of him, the driver of which had already decided to yield to oncoming traffic, as both the law prescribed and a healthy sense of self-preservation dictated, in his calculations. Yellow Ford Ka after accidentOne would think a canary yellow car is easy to spot in traffic. Apparently it is invisible right until the moment you plough into it.

The wife, thankfully, is okay, though she spent most of the morning in tears from the shock and whiplash combined with scoliosis doesn’t help much.

I’ve already submitted a claim to the insurance, and I’m desperately hoping they don’t write it off (a strong possibility as the car is already ten years old and there’s damage to the actual body as well behind the cosmetic damage here) as we simply can’t afford to replace it, what with me still being unemployed and all. If you’re at all into praying, please pray that the insurance pays to fix it. Or the other guy’s company (as it was a company vehicle and apparently they don’t have insurance on their vehicles; I’m still waiting to hear back from them).

Yeah. I’ll stop now, as the rest of what I want to say isn’t suitable for publication…

How to change a light bulb

First you have to remove the wheel.  Make sure the emergency brake is engaged and position the jack under the spot indicated in the owner’s manual to avoid damaging the vehicle.  Loosen the lug nuts slightly.  Then lift up the vehicle until it is high enough from the ground to remove the wheel entirely.

You have a choice: either click here to read on, or assume I’m insane. Your call.

Our new wheels

Sorry for being so quiet this week.  After returning from vacation I just didn’t really feel like writing and just chilled at home with the wife for the last week of the school holidays.  Tomorrow she’s on the job again, so I’ll also be back to my regular writing and studying schedule (once I figure out exactly what that is).

In the meantime, check out our new wheels.

Ford Ka
I tawt I taw a Tweety bird

Legally she’s the wife’s and technically she’s not new – we bought her second-hand from my sister with 90 000km on the clock but she’s still in excellent condition.  On Wednesday we packed our survival kit and headed to the vehicle registration office and after a fairly painless two hours in line (except for the guy in front of us who never stopped talking, even when he started repeating himself) she is now registered to the wife (we still have to pay my sister, though).  With power steering, ABS, aircon, airbags and mag wheels she’s a far cry better than the one she’s replacing. Continue reading “Our new wheels”