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Search term shenanigans I

I’ve been watching on jealously for a while now as some of the bloggers I follow periodically post some of the more interesting search terms that have led potential readers to their sites.  I also have been perusing my stats page regularly hoping for some wacky searches, but to no avail – they’ve all been depressingly boring and related to the topics I am writing about.  But at last I have a few that I consider worth sharing with you (though some of them are merely shameless self-promotion of some of my older posts). Continue reading “Search term shenanigans I”

On fixing what ain’t broke

I’m human (for those of you who were wondering), and like most humans, I’m not completely comfortable with change.  We like the familiar.  That’s why we invent traditions and customs – to ensure future generations do things the same way as us so that we don’t have to change.

However, along with a significantly smaller proportion of the world’s population, I also recognise the need for change.  As stated previously, without change we run a big risk of stagnating.  Blindly adhering to tradition is usually more damaging than not adhering to tradition at all.

But, and this is a big but, change for the sake of change is pointless, causes unnecessary stress and just makes life difficult. Continue reading “On fixing what ain’t broke”