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Five years ago today…

Just checking in to inform you that I’ve abducted my wife.  Don’t worry.  She came willingly.

Today the missus and I celebrate five years of managing not to push each other out the window in a crime of passion and to mark the occasion I have whisked her away to an undisclosed location for the weekend.  I will reveal that there is a fireplace (I don’t know what we were thinking getting hitched on midwinter’s day – it’s not like we’re druids or anything), South African bubbly (apparently you’re not allowed to call it champagne unless it was actually produced in France), and rose petals on the bed.  Do I know how to spoil my lady or what?

So, I’m off.  You are welcome to leave your congratulatory messages in the comments, but don’t expect a reply before Monday – the computer and smart phone are staying at home this weekend.

I’ll leave you with these previously unpublished photos from our honeymoon. (Click on the images to view them full size and press “Escape” when you’re done)

The wife has also drawn a picture on her blog to commemorate the day.  You should go and like it.

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DOMA: One Christian Speaks

Another one worth reblogging. This is one of the most balanced views I’ve seen in the same-sex marriage debate, though I’m sure there are people on both sides of the issue who will have a problem with what Beth wrote here. Do all of us a favour and read the whole thing, several times, before you start writing scathing comments.

And while this specifically pertains to recent legal developments in the US, I think the arguments here apply to any free democratic country, including mine.

In Case of Fire, Use Stairs

With the DOMA decision hot off the presses this week, my Facebook news feed has been fascinating. I just sit and watch the screen refresh with anticipation; waiting for the gloves to come off.



And about every half hour: Something about Jesus, churches or the Bible, and how they feel about “The Gays” getting married.

As an Orthodox Christian, I view marriage [which my Church defines as being a physical and spiritual union between a man and a woman] as a Sacrament. Something spiritual and supernatural happens during a wedding for an Orthodox Christian: Christ is the Celebrant, He joins the couple together. And in a Mystery, they become one person. Because of this, sex is meant for marriage because it is a participation in that oneness. It is meant to be experienced within the context. So, taken together: having a wedding…

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On Marriage

Hands with wedding ringsThey say there are three rings in marriage:  the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering.  Four years ago today the wife and I exchanged the second of these rings.  The third started much, much earlier, but that’s a post for another day.

I consider this an accomplishment for which we’ll welcome congratulations, as many people don’t even make it this far.  In most of the Western world it is known that between forty and sixty percent of marriages end in divorce.  I once read that a very high percentage (I cannot remember the exact figure) of these marriages that fail, fail within the first two years.  That tells me the wife and I have already beaten some considerable odds to get where we are today.

And it hasn’t been easy.  There have been days where neither of us have spoken a word to each other.  There have been days when I stood at our fourth-storey window, not admiring the view, but measuring the distance to the ground and calculating whether it is high enough for a lethal fall or whether I should try and lure her onto the roof.  I’m sure there have been days where both of us simply wanted to walk out.  But we didn’t, and for that I am extremely grateful. Continue reading “On Marriage”