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Happy 2018!

What? It’s the 25th already? Okay, so I’m a bit later than usual this year, but at least it’s still January. And anyway, everybody knows the Hammerian new year falls on 25 January, so there!

Not buying it, huh? Well you’re welcome to leave.

No, wait! Come back! You know I don’t really mean that. Get a sense of humour, geez!

So, I’ve been thinking about resolutions again lately, and why they’re so damn hard to stick with.

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Have a great 2016 y’all

Yes, in a total break with tradition on if all else fails… I’m actually writing my New Year’s post on New Year’s day. I said things were going to be different this year.

And to shake things up even further, I’ve decided to make a New Year’s Resolution. Not an intention, but an actual Resolution, with a capital ‘R’.

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I know it’s kinda late, but…

Happy New Year!

In keeping with tradition here on if all else fails… I wish you a happy New Year a week late. This time I have a valid excuse. I started the 2015 somewhat internet deprived. I couldn’t even get Google to load, never mind my blog’s dashboard.

I also woke up to the Year of the Spinning Mouse with a burning fever and a sore throat. As if I didn’t feel awful enough already, my condition was exacerbated by the knowledge that it wasn’t even the result of excessive partying the night before – the wife and I were snug in bed by 10PM on New Year’s Eve. I know. We’re very boring.

Stricken down as I were, with no energy whatsoever to engage the outside world and no internet to distract me, I turned my thoughts inward…

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On Resolutions and Intentions (good or otherwise)

Happy New Year.  Don’t you think it is very fitting that I write my first post of 2013 on the seventh day of the year?  Especially since my one New Year’s resolution was to write every day this year.  And sure, I could have written the post and then set it to be published on the first, but honestly, then I’d have had nothing to write about.  Now at least I get to write about not writing.

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