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Gift of the Dryads Rebooted

You know how you phone IT support and the first thing they do is ask whether you’ve turned your computer off and on again?  Okay, so I don’t know if they actually do that, but the joke is common enough and rebooting (correctly) can solve a multitude of computer problems.  I’m wondering if the same applies to novels. Continue reading Gift of the Dryads Rebooted”

…and doing what you love

The single best piece of career advice I ever received was from my former boss.  At least, I remember it being from him.  It could have been from a book as well.  (If you know which book this comes from, leave me a note in the comments, okay?)  But let’s assume it was my boss.  His advice was that you should figure out what that one thing is that you would be willing to do every day, even without pay.  Then you figure out a way to make money with it.  Of course then I quit to try and follow his advice, so I’m pretty sure he regretted giving it to me 😉 Continue reading “…and doing what you love”