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Gift of the Dryads Rebooted

You know how you phone IT support and the first thing they do is ask whether you’ve turned your computer off and on again?  Okay, so I don’t know if they actually do that, but the joke is common enough and rebooting (correctly) can solve a multitude of computer problems.  I’m wondering if the same applies to novels. Continue reading Gift of the Dryads Rebooted”

On winning NaNoWriMo

On winning NaNoWriMo

That’s right.  I did it.  At eleven this morning I validated my word count and officially won my very first National Novel Writing Month ever.  I actually wish someone would ask me what I did this November just so I can say, “I wrote a novel.  What did you do?”  It feels great.  Thanks for all of you who’ve been cheering me on.  You all had a part in helping me get this far.

NaNoWriMo winner cover image Continue reading “On winning NaNoWriMo”

If at first you don’t succeed…

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I started on a novel early this year.  Unfortunately I got stuck roundabout April, seven thousand words in.  By June I had decided to put that novel on ice and start over.  No writing has happened since apart from what you can see on this blog.  That is about to change. Continue reading “If at first you don’t succeed…”