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NaNoWriMo thus far

NaNoWriMo thus far

I must say, my NaNoWriMo has gotten off to a very slow start.  As previously mentioned, last week I attended a workshop on Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR for short, but more on that later), followed by a weekend at my dad’s, so in the first couple of days I only managed to squeeze out just shy of 400 words.  Sunday and Monday were filled with family drama and I only got round to really writing yesterday.  Even then it was slow going and I didn’t even meet my quota for one day.

Screenshot - NaNoWriMo stats pageWhen I updated my word count before bed last night the site informed me that at my current rate I’ll finish my 50k by 20 March next year.  So far today I’ve managed to whittle that down to 4 March.  I need to speed things up.

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If at first you don’t succeed…

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I started on a novel early this year.  Unfortunately I got stuck roundabout April, seven thousand words in.  By June I had decided to put that novel on ice and start over.  No writing has happened since apart from what you can see on this blog.  That is about to change. Continue reading “If at first you don’t succeed…”

On Writing

No, this is not a review of Stephen King’s book (though that’s coming, once I’m done reading it).  I merely wanted to write something about writing and most post titles on my blog begins with ‘On’.  Not much you can do with that.  Maybe I should start thinking up more creative post titles…

But what I wanted to say is, writing is hard.  I was told when I started out that it took discipline and perseverance, and that I must develop a thick skin to deal with critique, criticism and rejection, and that it’s a lonely road, and that success isn’t guaranteed, but no one actually said it’s hard.  Even if you enjoy it, it’s hard.

I finally finished the second chapter of my novel yesterday.  In fact, I wrote most of it yesterday.  I had started with it in the middle of February.  Many days passed when I wrote not a single word; when I did not even open the file on my computer. Continue reading “On Writing”