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Happy Blogiversary to me

Two posts on one day! I know! But I could hardly let this pass without comment…


These four years saw 432 posts published on if all else fails… (including this one) and 2,722 total comments, of which I wrote 451.

The site has had 38,505 views to date coming from 99 different countries.

I got China. No one gets views from China, and I’ve had 7!

The best day was 20 September 2015 with 237 views. The most viewed post is When logic takes a leave of absence with a whopping 7,853 all time views – that post was the top search result in Google for over a week for searches on a certain math puzzle. The second most popular post is On Inappropriate Adjectives (or why you shouldn’t call babies “sexy”) with a paltry 1,546 views. (I feel even stronger about the topic addressed in that post now that I have my own little girl!)

The most commented post was On the day job with 46 total comments.

As of today if all else fails… has 539 followers and the Facebook page has 45.

And I’ve answered over 8,750 threads on the WordPress.com support forums (5,000 of those before I started getting paid to do it).

Looking back on it like this I realise it’s been a great 4 years blogging on WordPress.com. I’ve met some great people and made quite a few friends around the world. To all of you, thanks for joining me in this journey and making it worthwhile with your comments, your post likes, your encouragement when I posted about going through tough spots, and your sharing in my joy when I celebrated the good things in my life.

May the next four be even better!

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Holy Stats, Batman! This is insane

I’m not one to obsess over my stats. I can go for weeks without even looking at my stats page. But I was pretty pleased when my August stats showed an average view for the month of 37, the highest yet on if all else fails… I had no idea what was coming.

The past three days have seen my stats climb to 171, 198, and 197 so far today. At the current rate it will pass 200 views before midnight. (Correction, it passed the 200-mark while I was writing this and it now stands at 201 views.)

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On having a sense of humour

At one point last year I started volunteering in the WordPress.com support forums. It started out as a way to procrastinate on my writing and studies, but I soon became hooked. Partly it was the great bunch of established volunteers who welcomed me into their midst and taught me (and are still teaching me) the ropes.

But the true reward is that rush of endorphins every time I successfully help someone solve a problem with their site. That, and the fact that my knowledge of WordPress.com has grown with leaps and bounds as I really dug into the support pages looking for solutions to other people’s problems. In fact, I’ve already incorporated some of the things I discovered thanks to the forums into this blog.

It’s not all fun and games, though. People come to the forums because they have a problem, and unsolved problems lead to frustration. Frustrated people can become…not nice. Some people take their blogs VERY seriously.

But then you also get people who take things in their stride, like the user whose ENTER-key started misbehaving in the post editor. His final reply to the thread really made me smile, and I thought I’d share it with you:

  • I refreshed Firefox and that fixed the problem. Kind of like electro-shock therapy — not sure exactly what it did, but it made a big difference. The ENTER key behaves as expected now. Who knows for sure what happened to trigger the weirdness, but several possibilities occur to me:
    a) I leaned my elbow on the keyboard when reaching for Kleenex and hit a strange key combo that a malicious coder set up when she was passed over for promotion at Mozilla
    b) The cat walked on the keyboard and did some sort of feline reconfig
    c) An angry God looked down and said, “Let’s fuck with him for awhile”.
    d) None of the above
    Anyway. Thanks for your help and suggestions.
    Onward toward the abyss!

And on that note I wish you a happy weekend 😀

Happy Blogaversary to me

A little orange trophy just informed me that I’ve been a WordPress user for one year now, and I just thought I’d quickly share that before turning in.

If you go back through my archives (which I wouldn’t advise) you’ll notice the first post is dated somewhere in March last year, but those first few posts were merely imported from Blogger where I had my first attempt at blogging.  My first post on WordPress was actually only on 13 November last year, and not on this blog (though I reposted it here later).  The first actual post on if all else fails…use a hammer was only on 16 November (though I wouldn’t advise reading it either).

Still, it has now been a whole year that I’ve been on WordPress.  In that year I’ve brought you about hundred-and-seventy posts, including twenty-two Song Title Challenges, eleven reviews (seven books; four movies), vacation photos, puppets, silliness and seriousness.  I’ve passed both the hundred-followers and hundred-posts milestones and made quite a few new friends from all across the world.  I’ve watched the world map on my stats-page fill up with colour as more and more flags were added to my collection (including the only non-rectangular national flag in the world) and I can only hope that by this time next year I’ll have them all.

I must confess, at first I didn’t expect to enjoy blogging this much, but in this year it has become such a part of me that I don’t know if I’d be able to give it up if necessary.

To my regular followers, thanks for sticking with me so far.  I hope to keep giving you reasons to do so.

You may now congratulate me 😉

P.S.  If you haven’t yet, go download Issue 4 of The Paperbook Collective right now where you’ll find an original piece of never-seen-before flash fiction by yours truly (that’s me) on page 5.  Then come on back here and tell me what you think, okay?  (P.P.S.  It’s my first ever piece of published fiction outside of blogging.)

Have a great week.