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Happy birthday, Mzanzi

Happy birthday, Mzanzi

Today is South Africa’s birthday, and at 21 years old this country is about as well-behaved as your average legally-an-adult-but-mentally-still-a-teenager who is still coming to terms with the new-found freedom that comes from escaping the restrictions of the parental home and the ability to legally purchase alcohol (which happens at eighteen over here, but by twenty-one most have not yet adapted).

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A tale of two birthdays

South Africa 20 years of freedomToday is South Africa’s birthday (well, one of them anyway, depending on which history book you read).  On this day, twenty years ago,  South Africa went to the polls for our first democratic elections.  Symbolically, it was the moment the people of SA attained freedom from oppression, thus it’s name:  Freedom Day.

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