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Ye Pirate Doctor

Ye Pirate Doctor

Ahoy there, landlubbers. Can ye believe it be that time o’ year again? It seems the winds o’ change be blowin’ by the years faster an’ faster an’ before we know it we’ll be plungin’ o’er the end o’ the world an’ into Davy Jones’ locker.

TARDIS with pirate flagI were a bit conflicted ’bout this year’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day, as tonight also be the return o’ that fearless scallywag that calls he’self The Doctor. But by Neptune’s beard, I then recall’d that The Doctor he’self has sailed with buccaneers more ‘n once, an’ can resist the siren’s call, repel boarders, an vanquish the nasties o’ the deep with the best o’ them.

With his good ship TARDIS an’ his trusty cutl sonic in hand, a fiesty wench always at his side, none can stand ‘gainst this most terrible o’ pirates. It’s not for naught they call him the oncomin’ storm. Why, I reckon e’en the most blackest heartest buccaneer o’ them all, ole Blackbeard he’self, would want to cross swor screwdrivers with The Doctor.

So today I’ll be donning my pirate hat an’ me bow tie, and with me cutlass in one hand, an’ me sonic in the other, I’ll set my heading to wherever in time an’ space the plunder be best, the adventures be most excitin’, an the wenches be prettiest.

Geronim…I mean, ARRRRR!

The scribblin’ above as always provided by me wench.

Coming up…

Tomorrow I celebrate the thirty-third year of managing to not join the great majority, so watch this space for an extra special birthday edition of the Song Title Challenge. It’s dealer’s choice, and I’m feeling excited about this one.

Tomorrow is also Felt Hat Day, so dust off your fedora or pretend you’re a time lord and don your fez. And if you don’t have a felt hat, no problem, for tomorrow is also Make A Hat Day, so make your own hat, as long as it’s from felt. I’ll be taking down three birds with one stone by making myself a pirate hat. Confused? Read on.

Wednesday will bring another edition of Percussive Etymology. This week I’m taking my hammer to the expression “rule of thumb”. That’s allowed, as long as the hammer’s handle is no thicker than one’s thumb (or is it?)

An’ on Friday it again be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Sharpen yer cutlasses an’ load the cannons (no brass monkeys on this ship), cause there be ships ter plunder, towns ter sack, an’ wenches ter…yer know 😉 I’ll be sharin’ with you a special tale as had ne’er been told ’bout one o’ the black heartedest pirates ter ever sail the seven seas.

On arrrms and arrrrmament

Ahoy there, matey’s.  ‘Tis I, Cap’n Kokkie, back from a day’s plunderin’ and fightin’.  I hope ye’ve had calm seas and enough black powder to see ye through this day.  I’m layin’ at anchor an’ waitin’ fer me buxom wench to return from her day ‘o lootin’ the City o’ Gold, an’ thought I’d share with ye a few thoughts regardin’ pirate weaponry.

English: The pirate flag of Jack Rackham (1682...
English: The pirate flag of Jack Rackham (1682 – 1720)
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Ahoy there, me hearties.  Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

A full post on me piratical adventures be comin’ later today, but meanwhile be warned that all hailin’s on this ‘ere vessel must be in pirate speak today, savvy?  Mutineers will be keelhauled without trial.

Here be a scribblin’ ye can put up on yer own ship’s blog fer the day.

Talk Like A Pirate DayIllustration by Ghergich & Co.

Smooth sailin’ to ye.

Cap’n Kokkie